A nice set of breasts can be hard to detect in these small communities. Layers of clothing prove useful when the temperature ranges this intensely between night and day. More clothing means insects have a harder time finding its way to the delicious bloody meal. Most importantly, the rigors of riding are eased by wearing all this concealing stuffs. This, happily, never stopped Xen. Several yards away is a very nice, round bouncy set.
             Xen swiftly pulls a small comb through his light sandy brown hair and runs the tip of his tongue over his teeth. Except money, worldly goods and adulation, there is nothing as desired in Xen’s life as women. Ah, the special quality that made life so much more pleasant! This specimen seems slightly preoccupied with her rider and is adjusting the strapping and gears: a traveler. This will be simple.
            "I see you are just passing through," Xen says and flashes a smile of unusually white teeth. This is a result of strange habit learnt in his youth. Almost compulsively, Xen would run a small brush gripped by a long handle across his teeth. He would religiously do this every morning. Bad habits are hard to break.
            She continues to adjust the strap and pretends not to notice, but Xen could see her peeking at him from the corner of her eyes. He begins whistling a small tune as he paces slowly around the rider. She keeps her eye on this man. The world is too wild with dinosaurs roaming the forests and tricksters and thieves roaming the towns: all voracious. A young girl should be wary of every stranger, but Xen soon catches a glimpse of interest in her eyes. This is what he always waits for
            "Your rider is slightly off balanced,"Xen comments. She gasps sharply. Xen smiles. “I’m trying to be helpful,” he says and tilts his head slightly to let a few strands of hair fall across his brow.
            "Do I know you?" s she blurts when their eyes lock. This is what Xen always hopes for. His mouth opens in a wide happy yes but the word stuck to the tip of his tongue. A burly man calls out to her as he romps toward them. Xen knew such a man might arrive. No woman travels alone.
            This man seems fairly well dressed. Their rider goods and gear is of excellent quality So there may not be a soft partner for the night, but there can still be a nice profit from this encounter yet.
            "My name is Xen. I'm a guide," says Xen, “commissioned by the Regionals of this region. I know these parts and I know that you two are not prepared for the stalkers in the forest... not to mention the bandits."
            The couple quickly turn to whisper a few words to each other. The man’s boots are too shiny and new. His rider is overly equipped and is quite over burdened. The woman had very soft cloth on her and is of a quality no ordinary citizen of this region, or any other, would wear on any journey length. These new travelers must be fresh graduates from the Castle. Thoughts of the Castle gave Xen a fast chill. Before he was asked to leave there, he got to know the system well. A lifetime of education on societal values and management are meant to produce perfect Regionals, Managers, and Ladies to dominate and control everyone else. Xen enjoys to give these pompous farts their first experience on the real world.
            "Xen!" the woman cries suddenly. She quickly grabs his hand and holdsit dearly.
            "It's us!" says the man and grabs his other hand and holds it firmly."It's Bran and Min. Remember? Our days at the Castle ?"