This lovely creature is Min?!? Wasn’t Bran a very small and skinny young boy? Xen hasn’t seen these two people since his exile from the Grand Castle. Bran and Xen were working Broom Squad 17 together. The hall they were had charge of was dusty on every spot except the places where young boys used the brooms as swords and rare laser artifact guns. Broom Squad 17 became Night Watch 17. Xen was captain. Bran was lookout. Those days were still quite enjoyable.
             “Oh the horrors I heard about the poor and pathetic people who live without Castle training! I’m glad to see that you aren’t indigent,” Min gushes in a condescending manner. Her smile widened to a large spread of teeth equally white to Xen’s. Those days are gone.
            “As you know we have all graduated now,” says Bran in sternly. “We must continue with our lives and cannot give you any alms.”
            Xen chuckles. Xen quietly reprimands himself for having had that initial nostalgic guilt. As soon as the opportunity arises, those fine boots will be on the other feet.
            “As I said, I am a guide. As we all remember from Castle training. A community member is most happy when they are placed in a specific job. Busy hands are happy hands,” Xen says nodding.
            “Listen to him speak!” Min says in a gasp. “He remembers!”
            “Xen was once a Student. He should be better than the normal community member.” says Bran and sends a friendly clout to Xen’s shoulder.
            “Perhaps that is why Leine still wants to find you after all these years,” Min says with a sigh. Xen’s ears perk at that name.
            “Yes, we graduated now. She finished first of her class and can do whatever she wants to do with her life.”
            Xen’s liver jolts and twists at the memory of Leine. Yes, she can do whatever she wants. Intellects were not simply any kind of people. They were born with a specific skill of matter control. It is not unusual for any simpleton Intellect to be able to cause spontaneous combustion or spontaneous condensation. Leine was wholly another matter. She was never simply any Intellect. Xen remembers clearly that she was mad at him.
            “And she wants to find me?” asks Xen with brows raised at Min.
            “Oh yes. Why just a month ago, she spoke adamantly about finding that sweet nalintz, Xen. Isn’t that sweet? She still calls you affectionately.”
            SWEET NALINTZ! Xen knows that matter itself can morph at a slight glance by her. Xen broke her heart with another girl. Who could blame him? The other girl was very pretty. Unfortunately, then the girl became a salamander. He remembers Leine's words of mercy, " Xen won't be harmed within the castle walls by me." If he wants to avoid a stationary life of vibrational singing and grain eating, Xen had better find a way back into the Grand Castle’s walls.
            “So, what are your assignments?” asks Xen innocently.
            “We are sent on an important mission.” Bran answers confidently, “We too graduated highly.”
            “Yes, there is another Golden Egg found in the world!” says Min. “You do remember what Golden Eggs are, do you?”
            Xen nods. Golden Eggs are capsules of information left behind by the Ancients. Great stores of knowledge can be revealed with the proper tools.
            “Well, our first assignment is to retrieve it from Amandar and then bring it back to Grand Castle.” says Min.
            “I’m afraid we really do not need a guide. Amandar is only a simple two day trip away and it should be a simple trip.” says Bran.
            “What if I told you that I can get you there tomorrow?”
            Their eyes widen.
            “And how can you possibly figure out a way for us to get there sooner?”
            ”The Loader trail is through this village. I know the Loadermen of this caravan. we can hitch a ride and be at Amandar by tomorrow evening. You need to only wait a few more hours for the caravan to pass through. In the meanwhile we can catch up on what has happened since.”