Oh my... what brings you here? Anyhow,


    "Trix twisted around and looked back at Xen. She should never have bothered. He had a glazed look in his eyes. His lips were turned up on the corners just slightly and his chin cocked upward as a passing thought mused his mind.
    "Nevermind!" Trix muttered as she rolled her eyes and turned back to where the rider was headed. It had to be something obscene, as usual."

    It has been 350 years since anyone has been to this little moon. Isolated from the rest of the Galaxy, the people now have no resemblance to what we knew them to be. Far from the soft daily life of a technological world with thinking machines and indoor plumbing, an entire people must adapt to the rigors of a world still young and populated with happy-to-be hostile indigenous creatures. Many dangers await the foolish traveler. It seems that the only worry anyone on this world possessed was survival. Xen, however, seems only interested in having a good time.
    Tools have been provided: links throughout the text will evoke knowledge and facts and a map of what is known to these people is placed safely with you at all times to the far left. Soon, you will know this world as they know it.

Shall we start?

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